“Pa amb tomaca” or Bread with tomato

If you read the concise information in the “About” section you will see that I’m from Spain. We have a very varied gastronomy and one of our most known courses are the “tapas”. The “tapas” are appetizer that we use to eat with some drinks before the main courses, they are not typical of all Spain and they are very different depending on the region.

Pa amb tomaca is a very simple tapa typical from the northeast coast of my country, more precisely, from Catalunya. It’s something cheap, fast, easy and it tastes very good!

What do we need?
- One clove of garlic.
- Salt.
- A ripen tomato (plum tomato is better).
- Olive oil.

We slice the bread, the slides have to be as wide as possible, if our bread is very tight we can cut it in diagonal to get slides with more surface.

Now we have to rub the clove the garlic the bread, just to give a touch of taste.

After that we cut (vertical cut) the tomato/es in two parts and we rub it until coat the bread a lot.

For finish, add salt and olive oil (it has to be olive oil! very important!).

Enjoy! Bon profit!

If you have cured ham, you can cut it very thin and put it over the pa amb tomaca.



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